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My Story!

My name is Azi Amiri. I have been teaching since I was 19. Many years ago! Let's keep it that way!

In all these years, I have realized that art can significantly affect us physically and psychologically. Against the practical aspect of art and artmaking on us, it has been overlooked mostly.

My mission is to take art from walls and pedestals to everyday life and help others unlock their full potential.

With my team's help, we create workshops tailored to each client's needs and designed to help individuals explore their creativity and gain meaningful insights as they develop work skills. 

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Meet the Team

Artzi Zone, a creative space where artist and musuem educator with 20 years of experience teaching art come together to develop workshops to promote collaboration, problem solving and many more work skills! Our aim is to inspire and empower through art.


At Arzizone, we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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